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Annual Refresher Training 2020!

It is that time of year again - MSHA Annual Refresher Training! Starting tomorrow, Terry Tyson will return to again grace us with his thought provoking safety training! For those who have forgotten who Terry Tyson is, I give you this from his website (

Hi! I'm Terry Tyson. With 35+ years as an award-winning safety professional and safety keynote speaker, I bring extensive experience to deliver YOUR message in a unique way. With as many years as a performing magician/mentalist and creator, I possess unique skills in knowing how people think and how to motivate them to reach safety and company cultural excellence. Using magic to illustrate message points, audiences and attendees pay close attention and remember those messages. Yes, a safety pro-mind-reader/artist/writer is a unique mix of qualifications but I know you will find these skills as an effective combination to filling your organization's safety, training and presentation needs.

I began my safety career in underground mining. It is a demanding environment that calls for often quick but effective actions to complex safety issues. From there, I have worked as a safety pro in a variety of allied trades including Portland cement manufacturing, heavy construction, road building, asphalt and ready mixed concrete, surface mining and office environments. From building safety programs from the ground-up, to enhancing existing programs, I've done it. And more.

So, check the schedule ( to see which class you are in, and remember: class starts at 07:00 am sharp, and runs until 03:30 pm!

See you there!

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