MSHA Compliance Requirements

Due to the Chattanooga Plant and Quarry being considered Part 46 Mine Sites, each contractor who has an MSHA Contractor ID already, or any contractor working over 5 days or frequently, must maintain the following paperwork and be able to produce said paperwork on request to either a representative of Buzzi Unicem, or MSHA:
•    Legal Identity per Part 41,
•    Independent Contractor Registry per Part 45,
•    Training Plan per Part 46,
•    Training records in compliance with Part 46 (New Miner, Experienced Miner, Annual Refresher, Task, etc.),
•    HazCom compliance per Part 47,
•    Quarterly Reporting per Part 50 (hours and average number of workers for last quarter – always requested by MSHA during inspections),
•    Accident Reports per Part 50,
•    Daily pre-work Workplace Exams per the 2017 56.18002 rule,
•    Mobile Equipment Inspections,
•    Grounding and Continuity tests for electrical appliances, equipment, tools, and cords, and
•    Fire Fighting equipment inspections
This is a long list of items, and can be quite daunting; however, once everything is in place, it is only a matter of maintenance.

Informational website on contractor compliance:

There are a few sites that can help in the setting up and maintaining documentation:
•    Part 46 Training Plan Kit:

•    Forms and Online Filing:
•    A low-cost website which takes care of New Miner and Annual Refresher training, along with compiling and tracking of all paperwork while performing all on-time filings: 
•    New Miner and Annual Refresher Training: