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The Signal Mountain Cement Company is committed to safety and requires YOU to follow all applicable MSHA Regulations and Plant Policies while working at the Plant or Quarry. In addition to the Plant and Quarry rules, MSHA requires additional training not provided by our company; please see 30 CFR 46.2 to 46.10

MSHA regulations require persons working at a mine site to receive Site-specific Hazard Awareness Training.  While on mine property, you are subject to inspection and enforcement of Federal Regulations and your full compliance is expected.  Failure to comply with these regulations could result in substantial fines being levied on your company.  With this said, your Safety is the first priority while on Buzzi Unicem USA property, and these safety rules apply to everyone. In addition to what is written before you, sound safety practices are required, as this list does not cover unforeseen hazards. Your cooperation is expected & appreciated.

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