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To comply with the requirements of the Signal Mountain Cement Plant and Bennett's Lake Quarry, the following compliance requirements must be met:

  • All Contractors and Visitors who come on to either mine site must have Site-Specific Hazard training.  A link to take the Plant and Quarry Site-Specific training online is below; once the training is complete, notify your contact upon arrival for final documentation.  This training is a yearly requirement that must be refreshed after the first of each year.

  • All Contractors will meet with their site contact upon arrival for any additional orientation that is needed.

  • All Contractors will meet with their site contact at least one per day to review any safety issues.

  • All Contractors who already have an MSHA Contractor ID, or any Contractor who will be on-site for more than five consecutive days or on a frequent basis, shall ensure that MSHA Part 46 Training is provided for each employee on-site.

    • Documentation of all training must be provided to the Safety Department for review 

  • All new Contractors shall obtain a current MSHA Contractor I.D. as required by 30 CFR Part 45.3 if they are going to be on-site more than five days or on a frequent basis, or if performing any construction work.

  • All Contractors shall maintain copies of all training records for any tasks they or their employees are performing, and this documentation must be kept on-site.

  • All Contractors shall provide, maintain, and require their employees to wear all required personal protective equipment (PPE), including either a Hi-Visibility safety vest, or enhanced visibility shirt.

  • Within 24 hours of an occurrence, the Contractor shall provide the Company with copies of accident/incident reports for the following:

    • Personal injury to an employee that requires medical treatment as defined by 30 CFR Part 50

    • Significant property damage

    • Serious near-miss incidents

  • Contractors shall provide all fire protection equipment and medical treatment supplies required for their use.  The Company’s fire protection equipment, medical facilities, and services will be provided only to assist in emergencies as appropriate.

  • Company equipment cannot be operated by Contractor employees without prior approval of the Company or Project Manager.

  • All Contractors who will have non-English speaking personnel, SHALL have an interpreter present at all times and at all locations needed.

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