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At each mining operation, a worker is required to inspect their mobile equipment for any safety issues before putting that equipment into operation. 

The MSHA rule states:

§ 56.14100 Safety defects; examination, correction and records.
(a) Self-propelled mobile equipment to be used during a shift shall be inspected by the equipment operator before being placed in operation on that shift.

(b) Defects on any equipment, machinery, and tools that affect safety shall be corrected in a timely manner to prevent the creation of a hazard to persons.

(c) When defects make continued operation hazardous to persons, the defective items including self-propelled mobile equipment shall be taken out of service and placed in a designated area posted for that purpose, or a tag or other effective method of marking the defective items shall be used to prohibit further use until the defects are corrected.

(d) Defects on self-propelled mobile equipment affecting safety, which are not corrected immediately, shall be reported to and recorded by the operator.  The records shall be kept at the mine or nearest mine office from the date the defects are recorded, until the defects are corrected.  Such records shall be made available for inspection by an authorized representative of the Secretary.

1. Inspect the equipment BEFORE placing it in service,
2. Mitigate any issues found, or if you can't,
3. Document those issues and take the equipment out of service.










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