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Another senseless fatality has occurred in our industry.

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

MSHA's preliminary report states that Neil Witte, a contract crane operator, was fatally injured when he fell beneath the wheels of a tractor-trailer. The report goes on to say that Neil and his fellow workers were using a bulldozer to pull the tractor-trailer which had become stuck in the sand. Neil was standing approximately 20-30 feet away, and as the tractor-trailer began to move, he was seen walking toward the side of the truck. The report goes on to state that Neil died at the scene from crushing injuries, but it doesn’t state how the accident actually occurred. We may never know why Neil put himself in harm’s way, but we need to learn from his misfortunes. When equipment is being pulled, stay away from it – cables, straps, and chains can break causing a whip-back effect and flying shrapnel; equipment can roll back and over those behind it; and you can slip and fall under the tires in the blink of an eye.

Stay clear, stay alive.

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